Yr 9: Advertisements


What is advertising?

Advertising persuades a person/s to buy,use or think about a produce or service

Why do we advertise?

To bring the product or service to the attention of the public

How do we advertise?

Radio, TV, print media, verbally, billboards, door to door canvassing

What aspects of advertising do we have?

Selling a product, supporting a cause, changing a behaviour, affect people’s attitudes

What are the features of an advertisement?

  • Colour – warm/cold colours, contrast, symbolism
  • Font – size and style of the text
  • Language – emotive/persuasive language that affects the emotion of reader which makes or persuades the reader to respond to it
  • Headlines – designed to capture the reader’s attention
  • Layout – how text and images are set out in the space
  • Visual/graphics – pictures, drawings, sketches, logos
  • Size – the relative size of text and images
  • Statistics/data
  • Jingles/music – catchy, appealing lines which have a musical appeal
  • Slogan – catchy phrase


Propaganda is an organised program that deliberately promotes a one-sided argument in order to gain support for a particular issue or point of view. It present information selectively, and controls/manipulates the audience.

What are the theories of advertising?

Attention: this refers to how attention to is drawn to the advertisement e.g. through colour, bold headlines, graphics

Interest: this refers to the target audience (people who would be interested in the ad)

Desire: this refers to the needs/feelings of the target audience

Action: this refers to the techniques of persuasion


Print Media

  1. Collect an ad and fill out the Advertising Analysis Report.
  2. In a group of 3-4, you will be given an “item” to create an ad about. Comment on the techniques that you used to create the ad.


  1. Watch a television ad. Write a letter to the advertiser praising the advertisement or complaining about it.
  2. In a group of less than 7, advertise a product/service by a musical with choreography.

General Test:

Answer the following about a given ad:

  1. Name the target audience (1)
  2. Comment on the graphics and layout (3)
  3. Write the words of AIDA and write one aspect of each with reference to the ad (4)
  4. Is there any persuasion in the ad? Comment (3)
  5. Comment on visual presentation (2)
  6. Comment on visual content (2)
  7. Comment on language (2)
  8. Are there any social values explored? Comment (3)

Total marks: 20

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