Yr 8: Novel Study Exercises

Following on from the Yr 7: Novel Study Exercises I posted up, here are a set for a Year 8 level.

The underlined activities in each section are compulsory. You must also choose one other activity from each section below.


  1. Choose one character from your novel and write a 250 word analysis of them. Include details about their appearance, personality, involvement in the story. Also include your own evaluation of what type of person this character is, how realistic they are and whether you detected or felt there were any inconsistencies of weaknesses in their development.
  2. Create a mind map of the characters from your novel. Include one quote for each character describing one aspect of their personality, physical appearance or involvement in the story. Link up any relationships between characters in your mind map.
  3. Draw a picture of one of your characters using details given in the novel.


  1. Create a visual representation of the plot of your novel. This may be one large illustration, a series of comic-style frames etc. Include as much visual detail as possible.
  2. Retell the plot of your novel in a simplified version for younger children. You may choose a picture book format, or just a simplified novel format. This will involve selecting important aspects of the plot and revising them, not rewriting the whole novel!
  3. Design a map of where your character travels in your novel, including any important events and details.


  1. Identify three to four themes or issues from your novel. Gather information and quotes to support your ideas about how these themes are demonstrated. Try to include quotes or at least detailed examples of these themes. You may organise this into any format you wish eg. mind map, table, paragraphs etc.
  2. Using one theme from the novel, write another piece of literature based on the same theme. This may be a poem, narrative, argument etc.
  3. Try to find three to four poems already published which fit into any of the themes and issues from your novel. For each poem, write a 100 word summary of why you chose that particular poem, it’s links and similarities to your themes.


  1. Group together with other people doing the same novel as you. Put together a presentation for the class based on your novel. You may choose to do a standard presentation outlining information about your text, dramatise a crucial scene, take on different character personas fro the novel, or any other idea you may have. The focus is on relating information in an informative, yet interesting and entertaining way.
  2. Design a new front cover for your novel including your own blurb and author biographical information.
  3. Write a recommendation for your novel. This may be a review, a letter to a friend, an oral report etc.
  4. Compare and contrast in table format this novel with your favourite novel ever read. Give details about similarities and differences between the plot, characters and themes of the two novels.
  5. Think of 5-10 reasons why you would take this novel to an isolated Antarctic camp.

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