UTS Subject Review: 75402 Property Transactions

I did Property Transactions  (75402) this Spring 2010 semester.

Learning Structure: 5/5

1 hour lecture and 2 hour tutorial per week.

This is actually the first subject where I haven’t gone to the lectures and listened to it all online! I did this because of the timetabling and to be able to do my Practical Legal Training work. The lectures themselves are not particularly helpful (everything is really covered in the slides and notes), so listening to it online is fine.

I attended the tutorials on the same day as the CEP tutorials. Going to the tutorials is really helpful and I dare say essential as the tutors really give you hints and guides on what to do with your Practice File.You do need to attend the last 4 or 5 tutorials though – as participation is marked.

Staff: 4/5

The 1 lecturer is Jenny Eggleton. She is a good lecturer and her lecture notes (lengthy Word doc files) for each lecture are great! They have a lot of detail and flesh out everything in the lecture slides. She does answer questions on the Discussion Board, but I find that she tends to just point you in the direction to look, rather than just telling you the answer (which is fair enough).

There’s several tutors and I had Des. Even though Des is very nice, I personally Jenny, because she’s more straightforward in going through the content for each tutorial. Des tends to go off on tangents, stories and hypotheticals, which means that you don’t always finish content within the 2 hour tutorials. He also likes to write legislation on the white board, and then get you to find and read it on Austlii (IMO – a bit of a waste of time).

He also marks harder for the Practice File than Jenny. He seemed to automatically give everyone less than 2 out of 4 marks for their file management, but when we asked him for feedback (what we did wrong or could have done better) – he just dismissed us without explanation.

BUT the advantage is that Des just gives out 5/5% for the participation in problem solving, even if you don’t say ANYTHING. I’m not sure if other tutors actually mark this according to what you say in class.

Amount of Readings: 3/5

  • Jenny’s lecture notes
  • College of Law Papers

Jenny’s lecture notes are very comprehensive so essentially, I think all you need to do is listen to her lectures and read her lecture notes. I did the additional thing of reading the COL papers. To be honest, I actually read all the prescribed COL readings (nerdy!), except for the Mortgages paper. Whilst I think it helped in that “double” reading means it gets absorbed into my brain more, I think it wasn’t quite essential for the exam. The COL papers did help for the Practice File though – for finer details.

Reading Jenny’s lecture notes and the COL papers can take a long time. The COL papers can be REALLY long and unnecessarily detailed. The approach I took was to skim read/underline the COL papers and then use it to flesh out my lecture notes (made from listening to the lectures and reading her lecture notes).

Assessments: 4/5

  • Practice File (35%): this is pretty easy to get high marks (30+) in, since you get taken through everything step-by-step. It doesn’t take THAT much time/effort, except for the letters of advice on the Contract for Sale and mortgage terms, but it is definitely manageable. This assessment is actually quite “fun” as you make-believe all the steps including exchange and settlement.
  • Participation in Problem Solving (5%): I think this largely depends on the tutor. For my class, it was a bit of a joke. I didn’t say a single thing during the problem solving tutorials and got 5/5%.
  • Quiz (10%): the online quiz is easy to 10/10 – 10 questions, it’s not timed and you do it on any computer. I just used my notes and Googled the answers.
  • Exam (50%): this is where I lost the most marks (compared to the other assessments). It’s a combination of multiple choice and a bunch of  short answer questions. It’s not too hard, but you need to manage your time and really limit yourself to half to one page for each short answer question.

Cons of this Subject:

  • Managing reading the COL papers.

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