The direction of Tutor Tales

Hey all,

Recently I haven’t been writing up many posts about Year 12 HSC texts or subjects. Although this may be what most visitors come to read up on, this ie because I actually don’t have any Year 12 students this year. Instead I have a Year 7, Year 8, three Year 10s and two Year 11s. In a way this has been quite good, because, unlike last year, there’s significantly less pressure and I have the chance to read and explore other texts outside of the HSC syllabus.

So where does this lead Tutor Tales for the coming months?

As well as writing about and reading texts from Year 7 through to 11, I’ll also be posting some worksheets and questions from my old high school books. Libraries and the internet are filled with study guides and exercises relating to English, but what I will try to do is convert my old English books into useable electronic resources for all tutors and teachers (and their students). For example, I have just posted up 3 poetry exercises which I did myself in Year 8. These days they have been quite useful and my Year 7 student is going through poetry in school.

If there is anything else which you would like to see on Tutor Tales, please comment and I’ll take it into consideration.


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