2010 HSC ArtExpress Exhibition: My Favourites

Every year, I try to visit ArtExpress at the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see some of the best works produced by Year 12 students each year. Honestly, it is quite amazing to see the fresh ideas and skills that are displayed each year.

Last year, I forgot to bring my camera – but luckily this Saturday (yesterday), I had mine with me. I’ve taken photos of basically my favourites from this year. I was also on the lookout for one of my student’s work (I knew she got into ArtExpress), but unfortunately couldn’t find it.

This is the first work that I saw on entering ArtExpress. I quite liked how it used the drawing style, the cutouts of body structures overlaying maps of Sydney and the CityRail map.

I also noticed that some of the other works had this similar theme – of combining urbanisation/technology (often represented by maps) with biology/nature (images of leaves, cells, body parts).

I can’t remember what this work was about, but I loved the illustration style of this artist – it was also neat how they worked on wood (top row), canvas (mid row) and cardboard (bottom row).

Everyone was snapping photos of this sculpture when they first entered ArtExpress. Titled “Mandy”, this is an amazing sculpture – it’s beautiful, fierce and fragile. I also liked the concept of this piece (can’t quite remember now, but I remember being impressed).

I was impressed by the painting skills in this work. I’ve never been particularly good at painting and I liked how detailed this piece was.

This work was my favourite of ArtExpress! I’m not usually a fan of film media artworks (I don’t have the patience to stand and watch), but I did watch this one and loved it! It made me smile and laugh, when the shelf wobbled across the blue floor. I liked the cleverness of this piece and its exploration of “home”. Well done!

And interesting work about the artist’s obsession with string?


A painting about dementia, based on observing the artist’s grandmother going through it. I found this artwork quite confronting – and the painting realism is simply amazing.

If you have time, definitely check it out. It’s a great exhibition in which you can see some brand new artists and also a wide variety of concepts/techniques.

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