Reflecting on the 2010 HSC English Paper 2: Modules (Standard)

2010 English Standard Paper

Ok, I’ve just added the 2010 HSC questions for Module A and C to the posts on Past HSC and Practise questions! Haven’t added the Module B questions yet – bit harder since they include extracts.

Module A:

Is it just me or were the questions for Module A incredibly easy?! “Compare the ways distinctive [voices/visual] are created…”!Most students would’ve just copy/pasted their prepared essay into the booklets! The only “trick” would’ve been to actually COMPARE your texts. In other words, you should’ve commented on differences/similarities!

Module B

Wow, I was really surprised by how they made the Module B questions. Didn’t expect extracts at all! But that’s good – makes it challenging and interesting to write (trying to link back to the extract).

However, it shouldn’t have been too bad – since you should know what the main ideas in your text are anyway (prepared essay, much?) and it’s just a matter of trying to link it. Did students struggle with how to include references to the extract in their essay? Did you just refer to it as “the extract” in your essay? Or did you quote parts of the extract?

Module C

Having only tutored Elective 2: Into the World, I can only comment on that question. This question was pretty stock standard – nothing tricky.

I would’ve structured my essay as “Yes, it challenges the individual’s attitudes and beliefs” about:

  • Educating Rita: their old world (the “disease”) and their new world (has been idealised)
  • Billy Elliot: their old world (gender stereotypes etc) and themselves (new self-confidence etc)

Sorry, haven’t tutored the other texts yet. Did anyone take a different approach to the question?

Any comments?

2 comments for “Reflecting on the 2010 HSC English Paper 2: Modules (Standard)

  1. Basil
    March 17, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Could you possibly do a post on Elective 2: Into the World? It seems simple, but I have a feeling there’s much more to it than I’m seeing!

    • tutortales
      March 19, 2011 at 3:54 pm

      I’ve only got a post with past/practise ITW questions. I’m not sure what content I would put in a post about ITW. What questions do you have? TT

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