The Tidy Up: December 2010

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! For some of us, it would’ve meant the only big break before the 2011 HSC. For others, it meant finding out our ATAR and HSC marks, deciding what to do next year. And for us tutors and teachers, it meant a break from work…

Currently, I’m only tutoring ONE student, which feels a bit odd for me (being used to 11 last year). But I’m also enjoying the free time, because I’ll be starting full-time work at the end of January.

Do any of you (tutoring) do full-time work AND tutor? What are you experiences in terms of time management? Any advice?

New Posts

  1. FAQ: Area of Study – Belonging (given the success of the Advanced Mod C, I decided to do one for Belonging)
  2. What are Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing (read this if you’re serious about creative writing)
  3. Related Text: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (1939 novel) (for English Extension 1 – Crime Writing)
  4. COMPETITION: Express Media #84: PULP (Autumn 2011) Submissions
  5. What age should students start tutoring? (one of my rare discussion type posts)
  6. Suggested Romanticism Related Texts
  7. What level of English should I do? ESL, Standard, Advanced, Extension? (a frequent question)
  8. Four Things To Do During This Summer 2010-2011 Break – English (get cracking!)

Updated Posts

  1. Visual Techniques: An Index (added a whole bunch more!)

What’s in January

  1. Change of Main Round preferences closes 6 January 2011.
  2. Term 1 of 2011 starts 31 January 2011.

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