Past HSC and Practise Questions for ESL Module B: Academic English

Here are some past HSC and practise questions for ESL English Module B – Elective 2: Academic English.

It used to be called English for Study, but it’s pretty much the same thing. Questions are worth 20 marks and to be done in 30 minutes.

It is important, when answering Academic English questions, to note:

  1. What is the text type and purpose/audience?
  2. What does the structure/body of your piece have to cover?

Some questions use diagrams/images so I’ve provided a link and page number instead.

Past HSC Questions


Write a reflective journal entry which answers the following question. What have you learned about writing effectively for different subject areas in your study of this elective?

In your response, refer in detail to the language structures and features of TWO texts you have composed this year in different subjects.


HSC Paper – Page 5: Interview


You have been asked to give an oral presentation to a class of Year 9 students who are about to undertake a research project.

Write the text of your oral presentation giving advice on effective research strategies. In your presentation you should cover planning, composing and presenting the project.


HSC Paper – Pages 12 and 13: Report on water awareness


You have been asked to write an information sheet for Year 11 students who will be studying

the Academic English elective in 2006. The purpose of this sheet is to inform students about the

types of texts they will be required to compose and respond to for this elective.

Your information sheet should:

  • describe the language structures and features of the texts;
  • explain how these texts effectively communicate ideas and information in different academic contexts.

This extended response should refer to AT LEAST TWO of the following types of texts:

  • report
  • essay
  • learning journal
  • process diary
  • web page
  • oral presentation
  • notes and summaries
  • or any other type of text you have studied in this elective.


A national education committee is reviewing study skills courses and academic preparation programs. HSC students have been asked for their comments on the Academic English elective.

Write a report in which you:

  • describe what you learned in the Academic English elective of the English (ESL) course;
  • explain the usefulness of what you have learned for your future study;
  • evaluate the benefits of this elective for students commencing this course in 2005.
  • 2003:

    HSC Paper – Page 7: Letter of application for scholarship


    HSC Paper – Page 6: Oral presentation about learning strategies


    You are one of a group of Year 12 students who have been asked to prepare some written advice to be given to Year 11 students at a study skills day. Your task is to write an information sheet with the title How to research a topic effectively.

    Practise Questions

    1. Write a feature article for the school magazine titled How to be successful at school.

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