ESL: Module A: Examples of Australian Visions

This is a summary of a handout given to one of my ESL students by her teacher – it refers more specifically to Strictly Ballroom.

I’ll try over time to add to this list. Otherwise, if you have any ideas, please comment and I’ll add it to the list here.

Rotary clothes line - Strictly Ballroom from Fanpop

Rotary clothes line - Strictly Ballroom from Fanpop

Australian Icons

  • Rotary clothes line – what Fran/Scott dance around
  • (Greek) milk bars – where Fran lives
  • Koalas, possums, wombats, platypus, echidna
  • Waratahs, wattles, gum trees, banksias

Australian Characters

  • Aboriginals
  • Shearers
  • Stockmen
  • Farmers
  • Drovers – people who move cattle from one place to another
  • Roustabouts – wandering workers
  • Aussie battlers – people who are struggling against the odds/hardship

Australian Places

  • Darling Harbour
  • The Opera House
  • Uluru
  • Australian suburbia – as in Strictly Ballroom
  • The outback

Australian Institutions

  • RSL clubs – for those who fought in Australian wars
  • The Australian Dance Federation –
  • The Pan Pacific Dance Competition – referring to Australia’s geographical location
  • Country pubs

Australian Themes

  • “fair go” – giving everyone a chance (eg. Fran)
  • Mateship
  • Egalitarianism – all are equal, freedom, challenging authority that has not proved itself worthy
  • Anti-authoritarian – lack of respect for authority through humour, going against the rigid rules
  • Larrikinism – mocking authority (eg. Barry Fife), humour that makes also fun of itself (eg. Shirley, Doug)
  • Individualism – not conforming, standing up for individuals
  • “fighting for the underdog” – supporting the person who is against the odds
  • Multiculturalism – immigrant contributions to Australian culture, majority of population are migrants
  • Americanism – Australia is influenced heavily by America (eg. Hollywood glamour and Coca-Cola sign in Strictly Ballroom)

2 comments for “ESL: Module A: Examples of Australian Visions

  1. Karen
    March 20, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    From what I understand the Australian visions are;
    1. A vision of realising your dreams
    2. A vision of the competitive world of ballroom dancing in Australia
    3. A vision of the value of multiculturalism in Australia.

    It’s a confusing subject!!! Try finding techniques to support the first point!!!!

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