Suggested Romanticism Related Texts

I found it initially difficult to find related texts for English Extension 1: Romanticism. As such, I’ve compiled this list of links and resources, which may assist everyone else who’s wandering lost in this elective.

Related Texts


  • William Blake’s Songs Innocence and Experience: SparkNotes
  • Percy Shelley – eg. The Question
  • William Wordsworth: SparkNotes
  • Sir Walter Scott
  • Lord Byron – eg. Childe Harold




  • Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm – Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne: WikipediaThe Scarlet Letter
  • Edgar Allen Poe – Short StoriesSparkNotes
  • Victor Hugo – Les Miserables
  • Henry Melville – Moby Dick
  • Johann Goethe – The Sorrows of Young Werther


  • Alexander Pushkin – Boris Godunov

General Links:

Nature, Beauty, Power: The Romantics:

This site provides a good collection of links and analysis on various Romantics including Wordsworth, Keats (core), Percy Shelley, Coleridge (core).

Any other resources to recommend for related texts?

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