UTS Law Subjects Reviews and Notes

UTS Subject Review: 75421 Civil Litigation

I did Civil Litigation (75421) this Autumn 2010 semester. Credit Points: 6 UTS Handbook: Description Learning Structure: 4/5 1 hour lecture and 2 hour tutorial per week. Fortunately, the lectures are short! There’s not a lot of content in this…

UTS Subject Review: 76052 Resolving Disputes

I did Resolving Disputes (76052) this Spring 2009 semester. Credit Points: 6 UTS Handbook: Description UTS Resolving Disputes Spring 2009 –  Subject Outline Learning Structure: 3/5 2 hour lectures/seminars per week and a 2-day weekend workshop (9.30am-5.30pm). The 2 hour…

UTS Subject Review: 70417 Corporate Law

I’m doing Corporate Law (70417) this Autumn 2009 semester together with Family Law and Evidence and Criminal Procedure. Credit Points: 8 UTS Handbook: Description UTS Corporate Law Autumn 2009 –  Subject Outline I will update the parts in green later.