Past HSC and Practice Questions for Belonging ESL

The AOS for ESL English generally  has easier questions than Standard and Advanced. As such, this is a separate list of the types of questions that have been used for past HSCs and in schools. I’ve replaced the word “journeys” with “belonging” to fit the new AOS.

As you read through, you’ll note that the ESL questions tend to be much more “general” rather than a specific question/statement about Belonging.

Past HSC Questions


Relationships and experiences shape an individual’s sense of belonging. To what extent do the texts that you have studied support this idea?


Through belonging people develop new understandings of themselves and the world around them.

How effectively are these new understandings conveyed in the texts you have studied?


Explain how representations of people’s experiences in the texts you have studied have given you insight into the concept of belonging.


Explain how the texts you have studied communicate the idea that belonging is challenging.


Belonging is a popular theme in texts.

Explain why this theme is so popular and how belonging has been presented in the texts you have studied.


You have been asked to speak on a community radio program called ‘Youth in Focus’. The purpose of your talk is to reflect on your HSC English Area of Study.

In your talk, explain how the texts you have studied this year have influenced your own perspectives.

Write the transcript of your talk. You should refer to:

  • perspectives in the texts you have studied
  • how these perspectives are communicated
  • your perspectives as a responder.
  • Practice Questions

    1. Our sense of identity is stronger when we feel that we belong. To what extent is this true of the texts you have studied? (CTHS 2009 Trial)
    2. “Belonging is a natural human need. It is also something we can strive for or feel crippled by.” How do composers show this through their characters, the way they structure texts and the language features they use? (CGHS 2009 ESL Trial).

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