The Great Gatsby: Context – Quick Questions


  1. In what time was The Great Gatsby composed?

Fitzgerald’s Personal Context

  1. When was Fitzgerald born?
  2. What was Fitzgerald’s religious background? How this shape his criticism of the Jazz Age?
  3. Who was Fitzgerald’s first love? Why didn’t the relationship work out?
  4. Who was Fitzgerald’s second love (and who he married in 1920)? Why did she initially reject him?
  5. What was their married life like? What kinds of problems did they experience?
  6. How is the text a reflection of Fitzgerald’s own life?

The Jazz Age (or Roaring Twenties)

  1. When was the Jazz Age?
  2. The Jazz Age came after World War I (ended 1918). How did the young American generation feel after the war?
  3. How was established Victorian and Edwardian social morality viewed after WWI?
  4. What happened to the American economy? How did this influence society’s behaviour and attitudes?
  5. Which characters and settings represent the old American aristocracy? What does Fitzgerald suggest about them?
  6. Which characters and settings represent the “newly rich” Americans? What does Fitzgerald suggest about them?
  7. What was bootlegging?
  8. What was the role of women during this time?
  9. What happened in 1929 and came after the Jazz Age?

Keywords: disillusionment, hedionism, excess, materialism

The American Dream

  1. What is the American Dream? What did it promise?
  2. How has the American Dream been corrupted?
  3. How does Gatsby’s dream of Daisy reflect Fitzgerald’s criticism of the American Dream?
  4. What does the green light in the text represent? How does it relate to the American Dream? Consider the last lines of the text.
  5. What did past industry and economy rely upon?
  6. How did this change during the Industrial Revolution?
  7. How does this relate to capitalism?


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